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Originally Posted by g4driver View Post
Ross, sorry for the delayed reply.

This YPPT string job was strung at 56 lbs full bed. Compared to the Babolat Tonic Gut 16 / PPT, it had more power and I felt much more confident swinging with for placement or power. I was really disappointed in the gut/poly combo and this was surprising given I like the same gut / poly same combo in my Wilson Pro Opens. The YPPT did seen to drop tension much quicker as a full bed compared to the Tonic/Poly, but this biggest complaint I had was self induced. I would suggest 48-52 lbs instead of the 56 were I started.

Serves: with PPT clearly better both flat down the T, spinning anywhere, while serving wide to the Ad court is my favorite with the frame.

Backhand: both 2HBH or one handed slice. Clearly better with the Steam 99s than my Pro Opens and better with PPT Higher net clearance on the 2HBH and nice touch for the 1HS.

Forehand: lost some control with this frame compared to my Pro Opens, but better with the Yonex full bed than the other setups excluding WC B5E/Silverstring.

Drop shots:better with gut hybrid but not terrible with the YPPT

I have hit the same full bed of Yonex Poly Pro Tour in both a Yonex 98D / 100S and RDiS 200. The RDiS 200 was my favorite of those three frames. The 100S was again stiffer than my elbow liked.
Thanks, interesting stuff. One last qsn if I may: how many hours performance/life did you get here?
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