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Just saw your post when I was googling to find more polytech evo (couldn't remember where I'd gotten it). Also, doesn't look like there are too many comments on this string, which is too bad as it's cheap and comfortable.

I use polytech evo 17g strung at 48/48 in my k factor 6.1 16x18, and I really like it. I have had elbow problems previously (using other cheap polys), but the polytech is great on my arm (I often play 2 hours/day, 3-5 times per week). Not quite as crisp as stiffer polys, and a little bit more powerful than the gosen polylon 17g I was using previously. I try to cut it out after 4-5 sessions of playing; it usually breaks sometime after that (at 7-8 sessions. This, for reference, is about what I got out of the polylon and also from pro hurricane tour--I feel like I break a lot of strings). Not too bad to string for a poly, either.

Anyway, I like it! Can't get much cheaper, and I'm about to order my second reel.
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