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I had a chance today to compare the Donnay Tour 102 with ProKennex 5G Pro SMI side-by-side. The 5G was an older version, black and yellow, but not heavy, not the ~350-360g that people reported, the weight felt normal to me ~340g. I played doubles with both. The Donnay was better in all regards: had more power, more feel, better serve, and was easier to maneuver. PK 5G felt dead, stiff, slow and underpowered in comparison.

Both had syn gut in them. The one on the Donnay looked new, the one in PK was quite a bit worn. I do not think that the gut in PK5G had gone so totally dead to account for this effect. Ususally, with syn gut, it is the opposite for me: it feels dead fresh off the stringer, then becomes livelier as the time goes by, and is at its best right before breaking.

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