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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
That wasn't too bad by England. I thought the Arsenal pair looked good.

Also thought you could see a bit of why Naymar is being so touted. Give him a few years and maybe he'll be right up there with the creme de la creme (like Messi, Ronaldo, etc.)

Wonder if he will indeed end up at Barca?

Talking of whom...

Knowing full well the enormous cultural identification and zealous pride taken in their team by the Catalans, what's going on with Gerard Pique's name choice for his new baby... Milan... ??!!...
England looked pretty good I thought. I had to laugh seeing Gerrard starting, only for him to be thoroughly outplayed by Lampard in his 45 minutes, yet again. You have to feel sorry for him really.

As for Brazil, with the high regard they hold the number 10 shirt in, it was strange to see the washed up Ronaldinho wearing it. Oscar has worn it for the last year and he's clearly the future of the position. It seemed strange to stick him out wide and take the shirt away from him.
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