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Originally Posted by Sorana fan View Post
What I meant is that according to you the actual format is wrong because british people dont get excited ??
Except I didn't say that.

It was someone else who started the thread, and someone else who pointed out that it's a much bigger deal in some countries than others. Me explaining why I personally struggle to get excited about it from a flag-flying British point of view isn't moaning, it isn't saying the format needs changing. It's no more nor less than being realistic that the minor tinkering suggested won't suddenly make it relevant for countries like the UK. The point is that until Britain gets a better #2 player, we're not suited to the top tier of the Davis Cup, and why there's little point in our top player getting involved in all draws.

I didn't at any point say the Davis Cup needs to change to somehow make it easier for countries with one good player, and loads of rubbish ones to win. To be clear, I don't think it should (or could).

However, I would go back to the point made by several posters and myself that prestige within countries is only one half of the debate. The other part is that it may hamper a player's performance on the main tour if they are caught up in some tough five-setters, or pick up an injury etc. That's why it's good to think about scheduling and whether or not a best of five format is worth it.

The only notable thing to happen in a British Davis Cup tie lately was Murray's triple bagel of some poor bloke from Luxemourg. That's fun for fans of unusual statistics, but it's hard to feel any nationalistic pride because of it.
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