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I played with my blx 95 at 35 lbs with big hitter blue rough, I string myself, and it was very nice to only pull 35 pounds. The stringing went super easy, was easier on the clamps and my hands since the clamps didn't have to be so tight to hold tension.

Anyway I hated it. For me there was no surprising spin or anything, it just felt like a racket strung too low. low power yes, but the spin was terrible. In my expert opinion my strings were moving too much on impact. I don't get how all you have such spin with low tensions, my brother tried my racket and agreed on the power, but playing against him he definently wasnt spinning the ball at all either, and he does at his normal 56 lbs.

I'm fed up at the moment with all this anyway so I'm gonna take a break for a few weeks but I do wish I had better results tonight... id have to say it wasn't even that much different than normal tension...
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