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Originally Posted by jss2red View Post
Morning : Cheerios, with low fat milk, and coffee.
Lunch: Salad, with some fruit and milk.
Dinner: Different meals every day.
That sounds like a suicide diet to me. You need to eat A LOT MORE.

Consider some eggs for breakfast, (eggwhite only if you're concerned about cholesterol.) For myself, I would not hesitate to also add the chicken wings ironically suggested by another poster. Do not forget cheese. Goat cheese is high in protein and low in fat, so go for it. It has no taste either, compared to most real cheese.

For lunch, ADD MEAT. Whatever animal you like, eat it.

WHEN you eat is at least as important as what you eat. A lot of people I know make the mistake of having a light lunch at the office, and then just pig out for dinner when they get home.
That's the exact opposite of what they should be doing. The right thing to do is: big breakfast, solid lunch, light dinner.

Don't forget to add a glass of red wine/day.
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