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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
As others have already said, 'watch the ball all the way to contact'. But one thing to try is to keep your head down & eyes focused on the contact point after contact. No one does this better than Federer:

What I will do during practice & warmup is over correct, meaning I will watch the ball to the contact point, hit the ball, then force myself to 'keep my head down' while I count 'one-thousand-one'. If I see the ball clearing the net, then I know I pulled up too quickly.

I started working on this last year, and my first thought was 'What the hell have I been looking at for the last 20 years? Because it certainly wasn't the ball.'
Great tip!

TBH the times when I force myself to do this my strokes are at least 10% cleaner!

We can all improve this area on all of our strokes.
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