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Default Would Nadal benefit from a new coach?

Just wondered what people thought about this as I have wondered about quite often, especially when losing all the finals to Djokovic.

I am big Nadal fan and think he is great for tennis and glad to see him back.

Here is link to a video about Oscar Borras who helped Nadal develop his serve in the post season in 2010.

Makes you think that a change of coach might help him with other aspects of his game and come up with different ideas about how to approach games with Djokovic and even Murray now who I think has improved since Nadal has been out.

Nobody can argue with what he has achieved with Uncle Toni but sometimes a change can make a big difference.

Given we don't know how well Nadal will come back or indeed for how long I feel maybe a change could add something extra to his game.

I know there is pretty much zero chance of this happening with Nadal but Li Na replaced her husband last year as coach and has had great success with Carlos Rodriquez and maybe the same thing could help Nadal.

Just wondered what other people thought about this?
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