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Originally Posted by helloworld View Post
If Fed truly has a great backhand, Nadal wouldn't beat him so easily with 1 simple strategy, pounce on the backhand. Fed's backhand is weak for a guy who won 17 majors. Deal with it.
Nadal doesn't beat him with 1 simple strategy. That's a myth said by people with their heads up their asses.

Nadal beats him in a variety of ways, including playing incredibly annoying defense that forces Federer into errors. Federer's inside-out forehand plays right into Nadal's forehand down the line, which is Nadal's best weapon. When Federer hits a backhand down the line, Nadal is usually there to take it cross court with his own backhand, as being a lefty, he plays more towards his backhand corner. Federer's cross-court backhand plays into Nadal's forehand down the line.

Plus, there's Federer's passiveness on break points, going against Nadal, who is aggressive when staving off break points.

Heck, Federer's backhand has hurt Nadal quite a bit over the years, too. Just look at their indoor matches. Federer killed Nadal with his BH in those.
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