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Had a great first hit with the non-S 99 (3 sets) and immediately preferred it but need more time. Got a tough singles match tonight and will use it in that (not a Box or Ladder match but a tough opponent who hates losing).

Felt more penetrating and direct yet still good spin when you want it. My flatter shots improved and my consistency went up a notch. Mind you, singles is where most rackets I like fall flat so jury is still out. Will report back.
The frame is very nice.

If I win in two, will be pulling out a PB Mid 10 for a 3rd set!

ps. on the 99S, over two demo stints (one with blacked out tester, the second with retail version) I have played 11 competitive singles sets, 6 competitive doubles, three Mix-In/Club Socials (around 3 hours each) plus some general wall hitting and knock-ups. It is definitely a grower and I like it. Haven't ruled it out but got a feeling the non-S might be the one for me.
Nearly there...

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