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Originally Posted by FastFreddy View Post
I set my grip so when I am in the bottom positon I have a 90 from my forearm to my upperarm and a 90 from my elbow to my midline. So true never go past parallel to the floor.

Good way to check the right depth grab a bar and lay on the floor and go as deep until your tricep touches the floor. If u watch powerlifters they have a huge chest short arms and never break parallel. Some only have the bar move 5-6 inches of rom.
I'm pretty skinny (a little over 182cm & 75kg), so if I only go until my
forearm & upper arm form 90 degrees, the bar would be pretty far from my chest.
Just getting back into working out again since I haven't been able to play much tennis
awhile now.

Originally Posted by FastFreddy View Post
Started with 275 then lifted 305 new PR and gave 315 a shot but only got 8 reps since I already done 32sets.
32 sets?! of bench presses?

Yesterday I did 135 for 18 reps. Was pooped after this so just did one
more set of 135 for 11. Am I lazy?
(I'm onl
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