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I'll have to check for posted signs here. It's a rare problem here. There are courts everywhere. It does get crowded when the weather breaks but for the most part, there are enough courts and enough different levels where people can jump in. The main courts where I play I want to say there are about 10 or 12 courts. They just refinished them. There are also certain days where it is ghost town so me and the guy I normally play just go out like on Wednesdays there are usually 8 courts available on that day. Tuesday and Thursday you may have to jump in, but again there are so many courts I have never really looked for a rule on it.

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Depends on where you are really. Here in NJ, it is first come first served for the most part, and I prefer it that way. Though we have plenty of courts relative to the amount of people that play over here. In places like Florida and California where tennis players abound I can see the need for such rules.
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