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A 4.0 guy will beat a 4.5 woman. I've never lost to her and I'm rated 4.0. What I mean by spinning serves in is this. Most men even at a-1 can't get the first serve bombs in on a consistent basis. If they do...sure the woman has a problem returning it and for that matter so does the man. I'm talking about percentages. I've never played AA but I've watch some of the matches and you are right in that a guy would and could give a woman some serious problems but I've also seen some women that b*otch slap men's kick serves as well @ AA....rare but I have seen it. From the matches that I've seen even @ AA, I'd be surprised if men get more than 50 percent of their first serve(bombs) in. They are mostly serving high percentage big kick serves. I watched the team that won the AA-3 this past fall(Terril Mill). I know and have seen those guys...They are serving up kick serves more than anything. So it's not like you got John Isner or Andy Roddick coming at you at any level.

As far as being delusional...I don't think so at all. I've played in 4 city finals from A-4 to A-1. I've seen pretty much what goes on. You didn't ask how my wife would do against a 4.5 man. You said that guys at a-4 at lines 1 and 2 would double bagel woman. I'm telling you that not only would these guys we faced not double bagel least a couple of them would lose to her. You know just as well as I do that there are some guys that don't even play singles not to mention they are in horrible shape(pulling their shirt back down after every serve or point etc).

I'm at the top of the food chain in 4.0 for the most part and I can tell you that I wouldn't lose in singles to any of the guys that I just played including the team that beat us. Doubles is much different than singles. It's not as simple as saying a woman would lose to a man just because she is a woman. A fat@$$ man that does not play singles playing a good woman that is in shape and does play singles would have some serious problems. So I think what we have a difference of opinion is the level that the men are at this a-4 level. Now we only have 7 there may be some studs in our division. We will find out in a few weeks in the playoffs.

As far as what kind of team we are on, we are on the kind of team where friends play with each and while we want to win, it's not the number 1 priority. I think my wife is the only AA player on the roster. Most of those women come from like a-6 or a-7. We don't sit around and use formulas & ***** trying to get to play B-1 with Div 1 college players. Truth is we may not come close to winning city but for this to be winter Tennis, we are having a blast. If more people would approach it that way, it would be more fun.

P.S There is a kick @$$ Water's Edge team that is kicking eveyone in. So tell any of your friends at A-1 to watch They have a much better team than we had when we won A-1 mixed.

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Are you on the kind of team where the women play AA for women's season and the guys play lower? I know a LOT of people on teams at the A4 and A5 levels. Just thinking of the line 1 and 2 girls and the line 1 and 2 guys there is a huge discrepancy. I really have no clue what teams you are facing where the line 1 and 2 guys are just spinning serves in. I think you are probably just a bit delusional about what you should be able to expect from a line 2 woman when it comes to returning serve against a good team.

I guess I just come at this from a different POV. I know only a few teams where the women are rated higher than the guys. If they are rated evenly I would still expect the guy to be at a huge advantage. If a 4.5 guy and a 4.5 girl were to play singles I'd expect the score to be right around 6-0 6-0. If you were to play against your wife what do you think the score would be?

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