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Originally Posted by jss2red View Post
Hello, right now i am looking ideas of diets you guys might have for tennis fitness. Right now this is my diet:
Morning : Cheerios, with low fat milk, and coffee.
Lunch: Salad, with some fruit and milk.
Dinner: Different meals every day.

I am also drinking 96 Oz of water everyday. Any ideas will of diets will be good since i am trying to get the most fit this year. Thanks
I have an app on my phone that counts calories and nutrients for me. It has really altered the way I choose meals. If you are a smart phone person, I'd suggest playing with an app for a few weeks.

Not sure what your goals are (fit can mean several things), but my only recommendation would be a different breakfast. Carbs in the morning make me famished by mid morning. Fruit or meat, much less so.
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