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Rafa Nadal gave an interview with L'Equipe here is the translated version.

- Have you had doping controls during your arrest?

- Nine. Three and six urinary blood. For someone who is stuck at home and can not play it a lot. The last two weeks I have been tested four times, including two consecutive days.

- At the end of last season, Murray and Federer regretted the decrease in inspections in recent months, including those outside of competition. Are you on the same wavelength?

- If we decide that tomorrow I will be monitored every week, no problem. Great, life is beautiful, perfect. I want to be sure that whoever plays in front of me is as clean as me. Say that we need more controls, it's easy. You say that, everyone applauds everyone sign.

- Do not you think it would take that test results be made public?

- For me, there would be no better. That's the thing! If all checks are made public, that is the end of all this suspicion that kills the sport. I do not ask that.

- What do you think of the possible introduction of the biological passport in tennis ...

- I do not know what it is (laughs). Biological passport, Puerto trial, I do not know this world. What is happening right now in Spain with the law, I do not understand. I do not understand why Dr. Fuentes does not give names. And I do not understand that the judge has not even asked to do so. It disappointed me to the point ... What the doctor says, and that those who pay tempered. I do not understand why we never go after things. Everything must be clean. I understand that this doctor has worked with foreign athletes, but as it is Spanish, the Spanish sport that suffers any injury. Me, as an athlete, all that hurts me. Because of people like Armstrong, we all have a doubtful image.

- Do you know that there are those who believe that your seven-month absence hiding a doping sanction?

- Yes, and this kind of rumor is because the controls are not public. The ITF should play transparency. WADA same. Otherwise, it will continue and I will still listen to Christophe Rochus (*) do its stupid comments without any evidence. I find it incredible that we can write or publish such accusations without proof. Give me proof and it will be fine!

- The ITF said that blood tests are expensive and ...

- (He cutter.) You know what costs really expensive? That's the bad image that sport. It is expensive, yes.
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