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Originally Posted by dman72 View Post
From all appearances it looks like Djokovic grabbed a TT Radical off the shelf and added lead as he got older and stronger.

From all appearances, Fed used a pro staff and then had a frame custom designed for him as he rose in the ranks, which all of his signature racquets are somewhat based on now.

From all appearances, Nadal took an off the shelf Babolat and still uses the same racquet.

I don't think there's any mystery to it at all, but the racquet companies have to sell more frames, so they keep lying about technologies and what the pros use.

What you propose, a basic "vantage"ization of the racquet companies makes sense, but will never happen.
Fed and Nadal also customize with lead as their static and swingweights are higher than stock models. But, they are using a customized retail racket. Nadal was using an older generation and not the latest model and there's a lot of speculation that Fed is still using an older model - both use latest paint job.
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