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Small update: Added two wraps of lead tape at the top of the handle, under the electrical tape to hide it and keep it in place.

Put ~20g of Blue Tack in the hairpin, thinned out and wrapped in cling wrap---that was a pain, since I didn't remove the butt cap and the staples were in the way---plus three pre-1981 US pennies in the butt cap, secured by small blobs of Blue Tack.

Lastly, added a UF Gator vibrastop, though with the shared holes, it doesn't seem like it needs one. Still, trying to get the stock weight up a bit---which was 9.5 oz, strung w/Cyclone 17 in the mains, and OGSM 16 in the crosses---and make it more headlight. Yeah, the vibrastop is undoing a bit of the balance mods. I don't have a postal scale to see where it's at now, but checked it at the shop when I picked it up, pre-mods.

Haven't had a chance to try it yet. My wife noticed the feel / heft / swing in the family room last night, compared to the stock demo from TW. I didn't let on that I'd made any mods yet, chalking it up to MFR'ing I want them to be easy to undo, in case she's not happy with the current setup.

And as any married man will tell you: if the wife ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Stay tuned.

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