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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
You might need a good sports psychologist. If it is "insulting" that someone feeds you the type of ball you're used to while warming up, you have issues and don't realize that you're being shown courtesy there. And blaming players you have trouble with because they don't hit what you consider PROPER shots (anything in the rule book about what sort of shot to hit??) is just childish.
I dont know about the shrink. Bu you have to obviously figure out what each one of these guys has trouble dealing with. They have figured out you dont like this style of play and thats what they are doing.

You need to digure how to beat these players like they have obviously figured out a way to beat you. If they have what you consider "proper" form while warming up then they choose the style of play because it gives them the best chance of winning.

Around here there are plaenty of players that hit like that. mostly all of them were embers of a racketball facility that clsoed down. So they hit shots very flat and not very deep. Although these guys cant handle top spin well especially the deep top spin. So i give them deep slower paced topsin shot and eventually they will float one I can run around and take control of the point. Good kick serves also work very well at getting flaoting shots. I have more sucess hitting kickers for 1st and 2ds than I do with hitting a flat serves which they are more accustomed to from racketball.

I have a 4.5-5.0 level forehand. But only like a 3.0 level backhand. I can expect the opponent to hit to my BH 90% of the time. I have to figure out a way to get balls i can either run around or get a better backhand.
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