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I play with it stock. My favorite Bab overgrip and its good to go. I find it pretty stable headwise on off center shots. Its actually more stable than my old yonex stick. Its no players midsize for sure, but its pretty good.

Ok so I played with the topspin cyberflash last night strung at 50 for 2.5 hours. solid rallys and volleys then 2 sets of dubs. Was way more comfy than I thought, and way more powerful. Needs to be strung at 54 ish for me. If I had all day long to set up my shots I could spin it in no problem. On the run groundstrokes tended to go long. Volleys and reflex volleys were a tad long, but since I'm used to the bouncyness of gut, they weren't flying all that long. Feel was still pretty good, better than I thought.

There was not as much spin as a gut/poly hybrid Its a shame cause that was what drew me to the stick. Still lots of spin, more than my previous stick. I do have to say that I think with a little more tension the reduced spin will be a more controllable spin.

What I'm amazed about is that I just got over a bout of T.E. The cyberflash didn't jar my elbow at all. Pretty comfortable actually.

The lux 4g should be here today. I'll string it tonight and play with it Fri.
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