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Default Maybe getting a Eagnas...

Someone is selling what I believe to be a Eagnas Hawk 80 ( ) for a moving "everything must go" sale for $100. I have searched all over these forums for info on the machine and found the same couple of people over an over that thought it was great for being a cheap table top and the same people over and over that thought the base clamps stunk and wouldn't go near one again. Anyone that wants to give an opinion now can do so, but I just want to know if the scenario is a good deal.

The guy has had it for 5-6 years and would only string for himself. I can't imagine it was used recently based off the dusty appearance. Pretty much all I know right now is that he doesn't have the manual. I don't know how many original tools/parts are still included, if he's had any problems with it before, if anything is broken, etc. Hopefully he is going to call me later today since he is moving soon and I'd like to find out if it's worth it based off of what he tells me.

So if I hear from him that everything that was original is included, he's never had a problem with it, and everything is proper working condition, is $100 a good price for this machine?

Btw, this would be my first stringing machine (I have very little experience but am excited to learn!), and after having a stringer recently do a pretty bad job I am looking for something with more than 2 clamp points (though my friend from home uses a 2 point and they have always come out great, so I know the outcome is as depended on the stringer as it is the machine). I am not planning on buying new since new + 4or6 point = out of the budget, and I am more than content on waiting until the perfect opportunity comes around. I do plan on asking my friend from home which machine he uses and may be open to a reliable, NON DAMAGING 2 point, but that is not the opportunity in front of me right now.
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