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Originally Posted by righty View Post
Thanks folks. I sense that my problem is probably not one of tactics, but one of competence which requires more tennis lessons

I do not know how to hit a low, short ball with no pace on it, over the net, but not too high and with enough pace on it.

I usually end up slicing it and unless I can get it wide and just over the net, it's advantage opponents.

Thanks again.
You haven't specifically said this but I am thinking there may be 2 things that you can work on.

#1 - footwork - be watching the ball as soon as he tosses it for his serve and the moment you notice it is a short serve MOVE! You don't want to get there just in time to get your racket on it ... you want to be there way before that. Make sure you arent waiting to see if it's coming over the net before you run ... run the instant you see that he hit it softly.

#2 - keep your head down and stay with the shot until after you have hit it ... short low shots like that have a tendancy to make people look away before they hit the ball even more than a regular shot ... you have to make sure you dont do this and stay down on that shot.
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