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Default Video of Djokovic

Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
Just looking at and notice that the Big 4 and more don't apply PTD to their BH like they do on their FH. It's just odd to me since you hear so much about the 2HBH being a opposite handed FH with a guide. I never really bought into that, but I also have a weird BH myself (western 2HBH Right now I'm holding the racquet in a right hander's continental(R)/eastern(L) and also a continental(R)/semiwestern(L) grip and am able to PTD on both (easier on the continental(R)/semiwestern(L)), so I'm guessing that the right hand (for righties) messes this up mechanically in a full playing stroke somehow...?
Much better video of Djokovic in post #28
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