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Default Open stance backhand

Originally Posted by BevelDevil View Post
ptd= "pat the dog", which means you turn and reach your palm downward. This is common in a forehand when players stick their elbow back, which turns the palm down on the backswing.

The OP wanted to know why this doesn't happen on the 2hbh. I speculated that it's because having the right hand on the racket prevents the player from pulling his left arm back far enough to do a true "pat the dog." (Arguably, the ptd does take place, but just later, in the forward swing).

As for the "left-handed forehand" analogy, it breaks down when you consider that on the closed-stance 2hbh the weight transfer takes place very early, usually during or before the racket drop. Whereas, on the modern forehand the weight shift usually comes later, if at all (depends a lot on the stance used).
Just for the record OP did NOT specify stance
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