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Dude, I don't know what to tell u only that my rope length worked for me for 20 years. Over that time I made adjustments until I got the perfect length for me. I was able jump for 1hr straight without missing the rope. Most times I might hit the rope 2-3 times in an hour if I mess up. I done 2hrs 2 mins only hitting the rope like twice. First off crossfit is a joke. the 2nd link said advanced users will usually need a shorter rope than those indicated on the chart.

The size chart and the individual method are general...optimum rope length ideally depends on how high you hold your arms as you turn the rope with your wrist, thus check where it hits the floor and make any minor adjustments.
The reason more advanced users need a shorter rope is because you're less likely to hold your arms higher, so you need a rope that turns more quickly based on your faster rhythm. That shorter rope is by about a foot, tops. I'm just unable to imagine jumping rope with something that has to be about 5-6ft long since we're exactly the same height.
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