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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
Rockets tie the NBA record for 3's (23) in routing GSW 140-109! It was a team effort with eight players in double digits, led by Linsanity's 28.

On the flip side, the Tragic couldn't match those 69 points by the Rockets long-range artists in losing to Philly 78-61 on the previous night. We now have our second double-digit loss skein this season. The good news...the Clips come to town and, ironically, they were nice enough to allow Orlando a victory in LA to stop the last 10-game skid. Could it happen again???
This is the greatest Magic season in a long time for me and I will explain why:

We are tanking but playing all the young guys for development.

We have a plan. No more diva stars. A real team built with talented young guys.

This means we will be able to resign most of them. Yes, now and then we will lose a guy like OKC lost Harden, but we can S&T them for more draft picks and youth/expirings so the cycle continues.

We already have a franchise C in Vuc. We have a great backup PF in Nicholson. Stud SF 6th man/defender type in Harkless. Potential backup C in Oquinn (very physical player, hustler. Great attitude. Will end up replacing Big Baby if/when we trade him). Athletic wing with potential in D Jones (super cheap contract too).

So basically we need to get starters. We should be in the top 5 so we can get a starter there this year. I think Shabazz/Mclemore/Noel/Smart will be NBA starters.

Next move will probably be to trade JJ for a draft picks or a player that expires in 2014. I fully expect to suck again next year, but I also think the magic will try and get more 2014 picks as well.

After the 2014 draft, the Magic will have tons of $$ to go after a top FA and fill out the starting lineup. The guys this year will be developed and playing at a much higher level. The magic will most likely be a low seed playoff team by then and in 2015 will be back in regular contention. In 2014, the Magic should have a shot to draft a guy like Wiggins who IMO should be the next Durant. 2014 draft is very very deep.

Anyway, that is why this season is so successful to me. We finally have a killer front office with a plan that works for small market teams.
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