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Originally Posted by julian View Post
It is NOT a great definition because it does NOT say whether we are talking ONLY about a backswing part or NOT
It would help then if you'd tell us what you are talking about.

"Pat-the-dog" as it has been traditionally used on these boards (meaning for years of discussion, probably at least 5-years) is Bungalo Bill's description. It is the move after the unit turn in which the player presses out at the end of the backswing and thereby closes the racket face to the court during the transition phase at the start of the movement. So in other words, "pat-the-dog" as though you are turning your palm down and extending your arm to pat a large dog on the head is different than the standard WTA-type stroke in which you allow the racket head to lag back behind the shoulders.

I wasn't aware that it was also being used as a term for closing the racket after/or at contact.
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