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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
My point was that the reason for the MTO is completely irrelevant in terms of hurting the opponent's rhythm and the worst moment for the MTO to happen is in the middle of the opponent's service game, which is what happened in the final. Big deal. Players have to handle that kind of stuff, it's their job. There is never a case where you could blame the final result on it. The rule says you're allowed an MTO. The rule doesn't say you have to PROVE the MTO was absolutely necessary. And that is not something up to the spectators to determine. If a player went so far as to take an MTO for no reason whatsoever, then it would be up to the doctor, trainer, ump or whatever other official to call it out.
Maybe this is the point? What official would call out a phoney MTO? can you imagine the backlash by the player, the coach, the managers, sponsors etc? Especially if it had been the 'first' MTO to be denied or somehow punished. The forums would simply shift the argument to player A's injury was worse/better/more deserving than player B's.

Basically I see it like this: the rule is there to be used and abused. I don't agree with players abusing it, because I know the real reason it's there, but it's near impossible to police. The time-between-points rule has a black/white determining factor in the timer, an MTO, not so much. The opponent must simply deal with it, and rise above it.
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