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Originally Posted by mariecon View Post
Here is the ATP rule for MTO:
(not sure if majors have different rules)

3) Medical Time-Out
A medical time-out is allowed by the supervisor or chair umpire when the physiotherapist
has evaluated the player and has determined that additional time for
medical treatment is required. The medical time-out takes place during a change
over or set break, unless the physiotherapist determines that the player has developed
an acute medical condition that requires immediate medical treatment.
The medical time-out begins when the physiotherapist is ready to start treatment.
At the discretion of the physiotherapist, treatment during a medical time-out may
take place off-court, and may proceed in conjunction with the tournament Doctor.*
The whole rule is a joke because how can someone prove they strained their back or twisted their knee as opposed to faking it?

Again, take the judgement out of it. You either get timeouts for whatever reason the player wants to use them, or make it that any player who can't be ready to play in 3 minutes loses the match.
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