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Originally Posted by Rogael Naderer View Post
Exactly, try taking the pace off, but go CC with spin.

Avoid going for winners down the line, they are trying to draw that from you.

As mikeler said, if all else fails, don't give him the angles in the 1st place, go down the middle.

What side does he produce his most difficult angles with? In rallies avoid it.

Try serving to the body and to his strong side to open up the weak side.
In theory, I'd agree. But there's a reason why I disagree. It's his game, not mine. I can hit similar angles, but he almost never missed, and they were inside the service box. I'm not going to beat him at his own game. You all make it sound so simple, yet he only lost 3 & 2 to the defending state champion a few months ago. Clearly he knows how to execute his game well.

As far as I remember he preferred cross court shots, and could hit his extreme angles from either side. My anticipation and speed are strengths of mine, and they're the only reason I managed to hang with him so long. My strokes have improved since then, which is why I'm now looking to develop my own game plan to use against him, instead of letting him dictate the match.

My idea was to try to keep him running as much as possible, and to look for an opportunity to come to net. My net game isn't the strongest, yet he isn't a big hitter. I think that his passes or lobs would be easier to put away than tryin to hit through him, as he is pretty quick as well. How should i keep him on the move though? Should I take as many shots as I can on the rise? Or should I try something else?
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