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Originally Posted by Vlad_C View Post
Not at all, that is the kind of to-the-point info that we need to see more of. But if you read all the posts in this thread, the majority of them are nonsensical.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what comes out of that investigation in Australia, although I am pretty sure it is focused mostly on their rugby league.

As far as tennis is concerned, I don't think anyone with a little common sense doubts that there is doping in tennis.
What we really have to ask ourselves is why is the ATP not doing more to prevent it.
What we need is not silent bans, but rather catching one of the guys at the top, and making a public example out of him, tar and feathers and all. Something like an official 2-year ban, which would also hit hard where it hurts the most - in the bank account.
Are you serious? The ATP does not want to catch and expose its dopers, the sport would be ruined because doping is surely rampant at the top of tennis as it is in other professional sports. You would have a domino effect happen like you did in cycling where cyclist after cyclist was exposed as a doper. Was there one clean cyclist at the top? Better to look the other way and let the dopers dope and make sure none of it comes out publicly (aside from the odd low tier player whom they can afford to sacrifice as a doper) and let the sport prosper.
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