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Originally Posted by dman72 View Post
Simply give the players two 3 minute timeouts per match, to be used as they want....or one 3 and one 10 minute. If you can't get back on the court after 10 minutes due to an injury, you're done anyway.

That stops all the fake injury timeouts. You have the option of using your timeouts to take momentum away from your opponent, or hold them in reserve for an actual injury.
I like this idea. With the addition that after the player has used their allotted timeouts, they have to forfeit 1 game (the one being played if they are in a game, or the next one, if between games) if they still need to call an MTO.

Edit: I think this is necessary because of the bad publicity tennis would get if a player is not allowed an MTO after the allotted timeouts, and a player hurts themselves even more while playing through an injury. I mean, just consider how Nadal fans would react if he injured himself because he was unable to take an MTO after using his allotted TOs and injures himself and has to sit out 6 months. While their point may be invalid (Nadal should have forfeited if he couldn't play anymore, or shouldn't have used the TOs earlier) it would still hurt the sport's publicity.

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