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Originally Posted by Vrad View Post
Exactly. Again, look at cycling. After the doping scandals were exposed, its popularity plummeted.

No ATP president wants to be the one standing on a podium and telling the public that one of the top guys, with millions of followers, who brings in millions of dollars, is a cheat.

Forget the scandal etc. just put yourself in the ATP president's shoes and think about whether you want to even be anywhere near that press conference. Heck, I think many people would have a heart attack before the PC even begins.

Human nature would drive you to try and kill it quietly if possible.
One day there is bound to be a big tennis player exposed, it has happened in every other sport, so it is only a matter of time and I am not talking about a Gasquet level player who used cocaine, I am talking about a big top player and his PED use exposed. It is tougher to expose these guys in tennis because it is an individual sport and secrets are not shared as they likely are in a team sport. Much harder to actually prove drug use for an individual player in tennis.
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