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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
Since I'm not big into mixed doubles, I have to ask:

Would the most "fair" team be a 3.5M/4.5F team? Honest question, it seems like that and 4.0/4.0 would eliminate a lot of the issues you talk about, but I rarely hear people metion the 3.5/4.5 combo.

I played against just such a combo this season and it was similar to what others have mentioned as the pattern for the 4.5/3.5 combination. The 3.5 guy was probably on the cusp of making 4.0 and the 4.5 partner was solid.

Some of this gets into the mindset of doubles - the best way to win with a weak partner (whether male or female) is for the stronger partner to take over the court. I've seen players position their partners on a small part of the net in the alley and cover the rest of the court, I've also seen partners take all balls they can reach, even going so far as when they are both back to run in front of their female partner to hit shots and try to cover the entire court. This is not how I like to play mixed and maybe my results with weaker partners would be better if I were to do this, but I don't think it would be fun for me or my partner if I played that way.
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