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Default Technical difficulty with 2HBH

My 12 y/o daughter has developed a fairly crippling hitch in her 2HBH which has become a complete liability in the pursuit of quality stroke repetition. She's a lefty, if that matters...anyhow, after her shoulder turn, when she takes the racquet back her wrists go from a neutral position and rotate 90 degrees to where her racquet face is facing the ground (pat-the dog, if you will)

And because her preparation is typically late, she does'nt get the benefit of a fluid loop, swing to contact out front. To me, it appears as if she's bi-secting the circle (her loop)...pulling the racquet with bent elbows (which female players are prone to, I think) instead of pushing the with straighter arms to make contact out front. Her contact is way congested close to her body, racquet face too closed, racquet handle ahead of racquet face at contact which causes severe twisting and lack of control.

I'm certainly not an expert, and I'm not quite sure how to help her. She says she cannot feel her hands turning/twisting the racquet handle at take back....I'm concerned that we won't be able to correct/modify this seems like a big problem to me because she cannot hit 5 balls the same and she's dumping so many balls into the net.

Any suggestions to address this problem step-by step? Thanks.
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