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Originally Posted by teamprovan View Post
I know she would like to stick with TB but I am not sure any 130 Co-Poly will last in this racquet. We will see today if the 130 4G will last in a normal 6 hour hitting day or not. If it can take her hittting with Pro men players for 2 to 3 hours plus 2 hours of drills and 2 hours of playing down with kids 14 to 16 years old then the TB may be an option. I would hate to change everything she trusts right in the meat of the sectional season.
It probably won't last. FWIW, I'm getting 2.5 hours from the TB 1.30mm and 2 hours from the 4G.

4G is stiffer, and has less explosive power IMO. I much prefer TB in the 99S.

After my 4G popped today, I went back to a freshie with TB 1.30mm, I could tell a big difference.
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