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Originally Posted by BevelDevil View Post
Would people in, Dallas, Texas, come out to see Kazakhstan vs. Austria? And would the crowd be fired up?

If there were only one host country for the whole event, the only way to get high attendance would be to put it all at one venue and give people a choice of what to watch. The downside, as mentioned before, is it would turn into a regular tournament.

What makes DC so fun are the rabidly nationalistic home crowds. That's going to be lost if there's only one host nation.
Well, don't host it in Dallas, TX then. But if you were hosting it in London, NYC, Vegas, LA, dubai, singapore, Sydney, etc. I am sure there would be a bunch of Austrians and Kazhaks who would come to watch, as well as a bunch of neutral observers.

That being said, I don't think the DC should switch to that format. They need to stick to the current format with some tinkering (like the 3 set idea) and better marketing to make it popular.
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