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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
You are making a general blanket statement that isn't entirely true. A lot of kids skip the back draw. But if this bothers you, then your feelings should apply to any kid that skips the back draw regardless of where they train.
Yes - i am making a blanket statement - If i were a private benefactor supporting the tennis activities of a group of kids i would insist on a standard of conduct that would include sportsmanship and playing the tournament to completion. In this case the USTA is the benefactor and they are clearly imposing only a minimal standard of conduct on the players they are supporting and this kid is not the only example - i think this is what people find offensive. Kids that are playing tennis in their own dime can do whatever they like in terms of behavior but i would personally hold my kid to that same minimum standard. I think we should expect at least that from the USTA.
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