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Wow, bunch of ignorance in this thread.

1) India doesn't have resources? LOL. (Really, that claim does not deserve any more attention).
2) Political party is giving women box cutters to prevent rapes means that it is ridiculously unsafe for women. Well, that's rich coming from someone in a country where no woman walks around without pepper spray, and politicians want to arm school kids with AR-15s.

India's problems are pretty simple. Poverty. And corruption. And it's pretty easy to establish the link between both. Eliminate corruption, and you will likely eliminate poverty, which would eliminate nearly every other widespread problem in the country.

The country has tremendous natural and human resources. It has tremendous cultural resources which has the ability to easily accept new ideas and assimilate new/different cultures. What it lacks is (1) a sense of national identity (prior to 1947, there was no such thing as India) other than politically driven jingoism and (2) effective politics and bureaucracy.

The 1st will be resolved with time (a matter of 20-30 years at most). No idea what can resolve the 2nd.

More on-topic, the same corruption issues are what derails stuff like the India Federation. It's not an organization which tries to improve tennis, and success in tennis, but instead, is to give an opportunity to your political lackeys to make money and get free foreign trips for them and their families.
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