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Any idea which involves "a player must retire or continue without treatment" or some variation of that would be bad for the sport's publicity.

I'm not saying my idea is the best, because I am sure that there is someone out there who has good ideas also, but MTO's should be allowed, and if they are going to limit them, it should be a simple limitation. I think mine emphasizes the need to take it on the set break or their own serve only, and if they need it at their opponent's serve, they can forfeit either points or 1 game to get to their own serve.

I don't think someone should be penalized for taking it before their own serve or at a set break.

This is similar to the current cramping rule already in place. Changeover treatment for cramping only at a changeover/set break. If they cramp during a game, they can forfeit points or games to get to the changeover/setbreak.

With my suggestion, it is simple, and it is in line similar to something that is already in place.
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