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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
Since I'm not big into mixed doubles, I have to ask:

Would the most "fair" team be a 3.5M/4.5F team? Honest question, it seems like that and 4.0/4.0 would eliminate a lot of the issues you talk about, but I rarely hear people metion the 3.5/4.5 combo.

In past seasons, I didn't win much 8.0 mixed.

Despite that, I have faced three 4.5W/3.5M pairs. My record is 2-1. The one loss was when I had a 4.5 male partner, but the 3.5Ms serve was such a blast that neither of us could return it at all.

In our two wins, we simply sent the ball to the 3.5 guy as much as possible. If we got his serve back, we took the net and he would make errors trying to blast through us. The 4.5 women were 4.5s because they were steady, not because they were powerful or could cover the whole court.
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