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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
Fed, Djoko and Rafa play with rackets that weight between 340 and 370 grams (12-13+ oz) and with swingweights between 350-380 grams. Why would anyone care exactly what the weight and SW is? They make minor tweaks from time to time so it changes. They play with heavy rackets with heavy swing weights.

Because they think there is a "holy grail" setup.

There isn't, but it does become somewhat obvious from these guys specs that most stock racquets do not have specs that are anything close to the majority of pros. If there wasn't some advantage to it..they wouldn't do it.

The question is, does that advantage translate to 90% of the people who frequent these boards? I think the answer to that is no. Pros sticks are build to handle and dish out huge serves at 120MPH+, and groundstrokes with 2500RPM+ at 75+ MPH.

If you don't face these kinds of shots regularly, you're carrying around more stick than you need to get the job done. Spoken from experience..I've done the experiments. My racquet is still heavy, but the huge swingweight thing is a good way to wear yourself out after a few sets.
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