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Originally Posted by asimple View Post
I'm in Northern California.

The highest rating is 5.5 which nobody plays in because they can't get a large enough interest level. I believe there is actual interest but people for some reason just don't sign up. This is why a group of us are actually organizing our own simple round robin league.
Dang...I am at 5.5 in Ultimate tennis in my area and the guys in the top level here ( would kick my @ss in a hurry. I played one guy who was a mid/low 6.0 in UT, played the best dang set in my life (literally) and was able to win 3 games. That was only because I came up to the net and surprised him a few games after he was blasting me all to h#$@ with his groundstrokes (which it was obvious I was no match for). If we had to play a second set, Id probably have vomited (my effort level in the first set was that high....LOL) and hed have adjusted his game and blown me off the court.

Without those 6.0- and 6.0 levels, I do agree that the league might breakdown a little bit. What would seem logical to happen was that, as there are obviously players in NorCal higher in talent than Ultimate Tennis 5.5, that the lower levels would start to get stacked with talent.

In reality, this might actually bring the UT rankings closer to NTRP. IMHO, the UT levels, although numerically identical in structure to NTRPs, are not equivalent in many cases, especially up towards the higher levels (the 3.5-4.0 range seems to match with NTRP decently). There is no way in h#@$ I am a USTA NTRP 5.5 , and I doubt most (all?) of the guys in the UT league at that level are either. A NTRP 5.5 would, I would think, be more or less playing open, which would be 6.0 in UT.
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