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Originally Posted by 10isfreak View Post
That's the right attitude.

People often identify their strategy as lacking when facing pushers. But seeing amateurs drill at the baseline, you often get the hint that they've got very average in-court game. Hitting lows balls, bending the knees and moving forward are things they rarely do and, as such, they also rarely pull them off correctly.

However, you'd do something different: facing the problem, head first. By sweating to adapt your strokes to different situations, you make yourself a better player. An important side-effect of this is that your standard, ideal position, stroke will be improved indirectly because you've bother practicing hitting those pesky low balls or those super-high loopers... in the end, your movement is more precise and you can hit more reliably under all circumstances.

Grooving identical strokes in identical situations is the best way to live the developmental roller-coaster: going from good to bad to good to bad. As you practice something, you lean it; as you keep practicing what you learnt, you perfect it; as you still do the same exercise, you experience a degradation of your skills; and, finally, you get back near to where you started and you have to climb back.

To avoid that, you just need to make sure practice is always hard: as you get better, ask more of yourself and, as I see, you already do it and that's a good sign.

That's a great point.

Going back a few years I went through a similar situation with another guy I was hitting with on weekends. He was frustrating me to no end with the low slice to backhand junk. I took out the ball machine, worked on low backhands for a few hundred balls, and beat him soundly two times he doesn't call me to play.

But then, since you no longer aren't playing that type of player, you tend to lose what you've learned, so now I feel like like I'm almost back to square 1 with this new guy. He's probably the guy standing in my way from winning the league..I just hope I get a chance to play him again and redeem myself. Most of the guys in my league hit flat and hard.

The worst thing you can do is dismiss the guys game..because there are many more of him down the line, best learn how to counter that kind of game now.

I know the main thing I was doing wrong last night...looking up before completing my shot. You can't worry about where he is, you have to pick a stroke and a spot on the court and just hit it...I found myself jerking my head up to look at him at the net. Terrible habit.
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