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Originally Posted by dman72 View Post
It stops the "faking" completely, because now, you have your time use them as you see fit or need to. If you get injured after trying to game your opponent with a legal time out, that was your blunder on your part.

The fact is, that's what MTO's are used for anyway. You are not going to be able to stop people "faking" injuries as long as they can use it to stop the match for a momentum shift.

So, either give alotted timeouts for any reason, or say if you get injured and can't play, you lose. That's how you stop faking injuries.

You and I hate the gamey aspect of injury timeouts, but if everyone has the same number of timeouts and using them is an accepted tactic, then the controversy ends.
The thing is, the majority of tennis matches don't have injuries of any sort or MTOs for that matter. Therefore allotting specified timeouts will actually result in more gamesmanship since players will use them for that for the most part. And trust me when that strategy is used against your favourite player on the verge of closing it out, you will blow up.
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