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Originally Posted by Vrad View Post
Exactly. Again, look at cycling. After the doping scandals were exposed, its popularity plummeted.

No ATP president wants to be the one standing on a podium and telling the public that one of the top guys, with millions of followers, who brings in millions of dollars, is a cheat.

Forget the scandal etc. just put yourself in the ATP president's shoes and think about whether you want to even be anywhere near that press conference. Heck, I think many people would have a heart attack before the PC even begins.

Human nature would drive you to try and kill it quietly if possible.
This exact thing is happening in Australia with 1 football club.
At the press conference you could tell by their faces that they were/are all in shock/ denial. The president of that club never thought it would happen on his watch.

(Australian Football is a huge cultural institution in Oz, a bit like NFL in the USA.) Spectator numbers far outweigh tennis.)

Two days later the national body investigating corruption & doping has also unearthed cases of doping in several sports teams.

Sport is a billion dollar growth industry in most countries.
The AFL mirrors that growth & they are in damage control.
Australian Sport has been rocked & WADA are just about to get their funding
increased by the Australian Government.
John Fahey is on the warpath
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