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I just spent about 4 hours over two consecutive days hitting with it and the more time I spent with it, the less I liked it.

I am coming from using leaded up APD 2013s. I started out like everyone else thinking the extra spin was awesome. There was a noticeable amount of extra spin.

The pros: spin, feel, easy power, drop shots, slices

Cons: lack of control, weak off-centered shots, grip pallet felt a little short

The deal breaker was the control and poor off-centered shots. I had a hard time controlling my shots and it was really weak when it came to off-centered shots.

I was using MSV Focus hex soft at 54lbs, the lowest recommended tension. I could probably up the tension, but I don't think my elbow would be able to handle it for long sessions. I'll be sticking with my 2013 APDs.
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