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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
Actually, the real definition at the moment is the computer rating and has nothing at all to do with the description of playing. So if she's a computer rated a 4.5, then she's a 4.5.

In any case, we are getting far afield. I don't know why any of these threads are reasons for people to insult each other.

Technique is not a religion. The only important thing is whether or not it works (though secondary considerations like tending to cause injury can come into play).

I've explained why I don't think trying to hit topspin on most volleys would be successful, but I'm willing to experiment and see why it might be useful. Let's wait for the video and try it ourselves on the court.
Any person can play and deceive the computer to get their rank. When their qualities don't match the descriptions against a fair challenge, it's easy to see.

A much better/experienced player or an honest self-rate will always beat a computer going based on match results. Subjective, again, but if I hit my best and you see there's a reason I'm not at my given level, I won't outright deny it.

As for the video, I'll try to see if I can get court time tonight. If I do have the video, I'll upload it. If not, I won't post anymore.
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