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Originally Posted by DropShotArtist View Post
The thing is, the majority of tennis matches don't have injuries of any sort or MTOs for that matter. Therefore allotting specified timeouts will actually result in more gamesmanship since players will use them for that for the most part. And trust me when that strategy is used against your favourite player on the verge of closing it out, you will blow up.
Not if it's available for your favorite player to use when he's in the same situation for the next match, right?

It wouldn't be "gamesmanship", it would be a legal tactic that is used in many other sports..."icing" the kicker in American football, timeouts in hockey to reorganize your players, etc.

Gamesmanship is bending the rules or acting like a jerk to try to throw your opponents off.

A timeout is a timeout, a benefit given to all the players in every's a few minutes.
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