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I've ran across some that are just Aholes whether they are on or off the court. They are miserable and they are there to make you miserable. These are the ones that do things like won't warmup in a proper manner...hitting screaming winner forehands...drop shots...things of that nature...basically trying to win the warmup.

Then you have the drill sargeant type. Everything is straight up and down by the rules....15 minute time limit to show up...3 minute injury timeout..etc...

Then you have those that are just happy to be breathing and are just social. These people just enjoy the game and want to meet different people...maybe network for other reasons. So I am competitive but I don't take it that serious. I've been known to go have lunch with some folks that have just kicked my @$$ on the court. I really give everything while I'm out there but once it's over...I might spend 2 minutes on the court ticked about it...but once I walk off the court I pretty much forget about or lose. It's just not that serious.

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After reading a number of threads in this sub forum, I think I might be the only one who thinks that some players take their league tennis way too seriously.

I like to win in life as much as the next person. But with the exception of my job and career, it isn't like winning in league tennis is the end all be all of my existence.

I mean, it's not like we're playing in a million dollar tournament. So I think why don't more players lighten up and just have fun playing quality tennis?
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